Name: Rachel K

Age: Thirty… something

Marital Status: Available, photos and statistics of gorgeous menfolk to racquelabella@gmail.com.  Kidding.  Slightly.

Interests: Reading, writing, arithme…no, wait.  I love reading; mainly fiction, and I adore children’s fiction the most probably.  Writing; I have blogged in various guises for a number of years and wrote journals before that.  I also am slightly odd in that I loved writing my law dissertation the best out of everything on my degree, and have written a few short legal technology pieces.  I also write songs. I would love to write a novel or several and may get round to that eventually.  Music; I’ve been playing guitar since I was 9 or 10, and played the flute as a teen.  I would love to be able to play the piano, but can’t afford to buy one or lessons, nor do I have the room as I live in a dolls house. I have been writing songs since my teens, though I do so less these days.  I put out an album by myself in 2001, and I have more than enough songs to record another one one day. Maybe if I’m very brave I’ll post some demos here. I love to sing more than I love to do much else if I’m truly honest.

I also spend a huge amount of time knitting. There is something magical about being able to turn string into a wearable garment.  There are some beautiful patterns out there, and generally things always fit.  And aren’t made out of acrylic like high street knits.  It also destresses me, and gives me something to do while I watch telly/films, or listen to music/audiobooks.  Otherwise I’d sit and fidget, which tends to annoy those around me.  I also was bought a sewing machine last christmas, best present ever, so I’m gradually trying to turn myself into a seamstress too.  Just as well as I love beautiful clothes, but can’t afford them. I have a separate knitting blog so as not to scare people away.

Favourite Books/Authors: As I said, I love children’s books. I rue how many of my books were given away, and have gradually re-bought several.  I will never get rid of a children’s book again (unless it really is crap), who knows, I may have kids one day, and it would be a shame to not have them to hand down. I’m reading The Phantom Tollbooth at the moment, which astonishingly I never read as a child (I don’t think).  I don’t own any picture books but only because I can’t pretend I have a small child to read them to.  I have several books on the go at any one time.  Yep, me, I’m a bookslut. Favourite author – Paul Auster. Love.him. My two favourite books in the world are I Capture the Castle by Dodie Smith and A Tree Grows in Brooklyn by Betty Smith.

Favourite Music: I listen to a lot, mainly rock and indie.  My favourite bands when I was in my teens went from the Beatles (was in my blood), to Deacon Blue and New Kids on the Block, straight to Led Zeppelin and Extreme.  I then discovered indie – The Wonder Stuff, Levellers, Mega City Four and Ned’s Atomic Dustbin.  These days I’ve got over the New Kids (you can’t go wrong with some damn good pop though), still listen to the Beatles and Led Zeppelin, but am probably more likely to be listening to any of these: A Fine Frenzy, Acceptance, Something Corporate, The Shins, Belle & Sebastian, Brandi Carlile, XTC, Seth Lakeman, Buffalo Tom, Butch Walker, The Changes, Dashboard Confessional and no doubt lots more.  2010 was the year I discovered the amazing Wakey!Wakey!, who I would very much like to kiss in the middle of the room, and also the Gabe Dixon Band. Two of my favourite albums are the best of Free Design, and the last Fall Out Boy album (Folie A Deux).  Extreme and Nuno Bettencourt (Mourning Widows, DramaGods, Population 1) have been a constant in all that time, since I was 14 years old, because Nuno is quite simply awesome. And beautiful. Unfortunately he married another incredible musician, Suze DeMarchi, of the Baby Animals.  It could have been worse, he could have married someone like Pamela Anderson, instead he married someone very cool.

God, I can’t believe I’ve missed out the Goo Goo Dolls.  Another of my all time favourite bands! As well as creating fantastic music (although admittedly I wasn’t blown away by the last album, too formulaic), Johnny Rzeznik is a beautiful, beautiful man.

Favourite Films: Hmm. I love Amelie, but who doesn’t.  The Shawshank Redemption is another all time favourite. Paris Je T’aime made me immediately want to move to Paris.  I love the film version of I Capture the Castle, Bill Nighy is perfect in it (in much the same way as he made Love Actually – another favourite, but mainly because I kind of know the portuguese girl Colin Firth kisses by association.  I love Johnny Depp so will pretty much watch anything he’s in (Blow was hard work. I have a bit of a phobia about drugs being snorted. I’d be a crap drug addict), Benny & Joon being my favourite.  Empire Records and Almost Famous are awesome too…  Then I love 80s teen flicks like St Elmo’s Fire, Pretty in Pink and the Breakfast Club.  Showing my age now… And whilst I’m telling you that Amelie and The Shawshank Redemption are my favourite films, I have seen Dirty Dancing and Big more times than I can possibly count. And Labyrinth, but that’s kind of cool because at least it has David Bowie in it.

I may have taped both Annie and Oliver this christmas, I couldn’t possibly comment.

Favourite TV: Truth be told I don’t watch an awful lot of TV.  I sometimes have it on a lot, but don’t really watch – I live alone and it’s a bit of company, like there are other people in the room. That said, I kind of discovered NCIS last year, and that is probably my absolute favourite show at the moment.  Pauley Perette’s Abby Scuitto is just fabulous, she makes me want to be a perky science goth. And I have a very wrong crush on Gibbs.  I also used to like Bones and House, but they seem to have lost their way a bit. CSI in all its various guises I have tried to get on with, but could live without quite easily.  CSI:NY is the best because of Gary Sinise, another very wrong crush of mine. I also rewatch Gilmore Girls on more or less constant rotation.  Brit TV wise I’ve recently discovered Miranda which makes me pee my pants, and I love the IT Crowd and want my very own Moss.

Other favourites:  John Fluevog shoes, Diana Von Furstenburg wrap dresses, MAC and Benefit make up, Liz Earle cleanser, Laura Mercier foundations and Apple products. I’m also addicted to internet window shopping at Anthropologie and Chie Mahara, and would like to be able to develop an expensive Marc Jacobs habit one day.




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