*blows dust away*

Thought I might start this going again seeing as I’m doing other specialised blogs. I’ve been quite busy recently doing a bit of work, the endless job hunting, a lot of reading, and being fairly good at not spending money. And not spending enough time studying (something I should really do since I have two exams next week for my boring admin related diploma).

I’ve just received a book called <a title="48 Days to the Work You Love" href="48 Days to the Work You Love: Preparing for the New Normal""” target=”_blank”>48 days to the work you love by Dan Miller.   A completely guilt free purchase since I got it with a gift voucher from my saved up Nectar points. Nice! Hopefully it will help me sort out my work goals a little bit; if it’s good I’ll review it on here.

I’m doing some work for a local firm next week; they have a maternity leave cover position coming up too which sounds perfect – fingers crossed!





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