A trip around my living room.

I had a tidy up and reorganise of my bookcases yesterday, and thought you might like a little tour!

Excuse the blurry.  I didn’t use flash and apparently I don’t have a very steady hand! These bookcases used to have DVDs on them and lots of knickknacks. They looked messy, so I boxed up the things I didn’t need out, just leaving the things of more sentimental value (so small they don’t show up in this picture!).  I have created a Persephone section which will hopefully get added to as time goes on, separated out the children’s books (which I used to have a lot more of, where did they all go?), and moved all the DVDs so they are together on the blue unit (the bottom shelf is my music books and LPs and vinyl singles.  Almost all of them are Extreme.

The knitting books got their own shelf (actually two if you include the magazines, because a lot are oversize and will only fit on the bottom shelf of my bookcase.

The guitars now have their own bit off wall for the Punchline clown to look after them (another piece of Extreme memorabilia – I used to have a lot, now just a few bits and pieces like this clown)

I do have a third guitar but there’s no space for that one to be out as well sadly!

And last but not least..  my wall of postcards.  Although I’ve lived here since October I’ve still not got around to putting any other postcards/artwork/posters up. This one is special though because it’s my Cape Cod and Boston wall 🙂

I’ll take more pictures when I’ve put more artwork up… thing I hate about rented houses is magnolia walls… must be rectified!


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