A bucket full of random

I have been lax and therefore this is an update of many.

1) Most important news of this week is…I got myself a job! I start tomorrow.  It’s not great money so unfortunately you won’t be seeing reviews of the nice expensive things I’d like to be reviewing just yet, but at least I’ll be able to afford to eat lol.  It was quite strange the way it happened, and I still can’t believe it, but I got it off my own back, I sent my CV out via email to some firms making some phone calls first, and one firm called me back to say they wanted to interview me on Thursday, the interview lasted only about 20 minutes, wasn’t really an interview, but led to a job offer that evening – for a role that wasn’t widely advertised! After months of applications and agency trawling it was a bit of a novelty. I’m quite nervous, and I won’t be sorted until I get my February paycheck, so role on the end of February, and hope that the job works out!  Not quite sure how I’m going to make it through til then, but will have to!

2) I watched Labyrinth last night, and had forgotten what a lovely, amazing film it is. It’s just the perfect make believe film, and it doesn’t hurt that David Bowie looks oddly hot in it (why do us girls like bad boys?!).  I didn’t realise that Jennifer Connelly was only 14 when she filmed it, she seemed older (but obviously with the fascination with childhood fairy tales a lot younger).  All works somehow though!  It’s just genius.

3) My house looks like a chinese laundry.  I really need to get my own washing machine, because laundrettes are really expensive (and when I tried to go on Thursday, really busy – I went to two different laundrettes and both were packed with no machines free), and it’s a pain to drive all the way to my mum’s to get laundry done, and it uses up a day, which now I’ll be working is even more annoying. But it’s going to take me a while to save up to get a washing machine, and even longer to get a washer dryer.

4) A lovely lady on Ravelry sent me her Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish for free because it didn’t suit her skin.  As a result my skin is already looking so much better, and I’m so grateful to her. If you haven’t tried it, do! (and of course if it doesn’t suit, send it to me 😉 ) I first started using it about 10 years ago, and I always get compliments on how young I look for my age, and I’m sure it’s down to that and Lush’s Ultrabland.

Today I have to start getting back into the routine of work and routines, and I need to go and buy stuff for packed lunches, clean the house (it’s mostly clean, but needs dusting and vacuuming). I know I’ll be pretty exhausted next week working full days, so if I can make things as easy as possible that would be helpful!



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