New Year starts proper!

Today everyone went back to work and everything re-opened. I had two job hunt related meetings today, and at both my meetees told me they weren’t quite ready for it yet!  Both meetings went well, and I was left with the feeling that maybe these two agencies will find me a job, but from previous experience it would be a bad idea to hold my breath.  I did love the guy at the first place though, it wasn’t like a traditional agency style meeting, it was more a chat of what he’s doing, and hoping to do, and to find out about me rather than the traditional let’s see where we can shove this person to meet our targets. He told me he’d just moved from Brighton with his partner. I held my tongue and didn’t ask him why he’d want to leave Brighton (my gaydar was working well lol).

I watched March of the Penguins last night and it was just lovely, sigh. I followed it up with Happy Feet which wasn’t quite as lovely, but still semi-enjoyable, and reminded me of the last time I saw it, Boston Thanksgiving 2006 (on my own in an empty theater, but Thanksgiving on your own is perfectly fine when you are British and don’t celebrate it anyway.  I stayed at the YWCA and had a turkey dinner there with the long term residents who umm… were an eye opener. I’ll leave it at that. Happy Feet and March of the Penguins are also available as a two disc set for not very much money.



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