Hello world!

My name is Rachel and I decided for 2011 that I am going to start blogging again. But a nice clean fresh start, where no one knows me (ish). Who knows whether anyone will find me and read me, but I don’t really care, this is primarily for me so I start writing more often, and to help 2011 be a better year than 2010 was.  Plus of course there’s nothing like a bit of navel gazing!

I live in a little city in England called Norwich, but if money, jobs, visas and health insurance were no object, I would be living in the US of A, probably in Boston, my favourite place in the world.  I would also like to visit NYC again, but preferably this time with money ha ha (although being able to just sit and watch the world go by in Central Park and Greenwich was a-mazing, and I’d settle for that!).  I’m endlessly job hunting, but ashamedly I still don’t really know what I want to do when I grow up.  Which is just as well as I don’t really plan on growing up.

In the meantime I do typing and temping to attempt to pay the bills, and the rest of the time I do what I love; reading, knitting, interneting, watching great and not so great films, play and listen to music, and attempt to write.  I won’t blog about the knitting as I do that elsewhere (I may show you the occasional amazing thing in a fashionista styley way – except if you could see me now you would know that I could never claim to be in anyway a fashionista!)

As I don’t have a lot of money but have an addiction to nice things I will attempt to do some kind of product reviews for stuff I can afford/already have and window shopping things on here as well. Plus I’ll tell you about the books I’m reading, stuff I’ve watched etc.  There will be links to buy stuff (I’m nothing if not an enabler), some of which will benefit me if you click (at least I’m honest), but you can always just go to a website directly via google, that’s fine too.

I know there are about a gazillion navel gazers, but I do hope you like this tiny little corner of the Internet (does the Internet have corners?).





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